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Welcome to YOUR Creative Life....2019-7

Hello dear art lover Welcome to YOUR Creative Life WORKSHOP πŸ”¨

Where do I start?!πŸ’ƒ

It is with overwhelming gratitude that I can announce that my fundraiser for my travel fund to the Opening Gala in Salt Spring Island was very successful.

With the help of many people I will be there. Just because I'm so excited, I have to share, again, that I am one of 50 finalists chosen from 2000 entries!πŸ“’

And it was a win win, in that a lot of paintings went to new homes. It is humbling for me to have my art chosen to be part of peoples' lives.I have attached the bio that will be in the catalogue and a picture of me with my entry. Here is the website ssartprize.ca.

What did you do on your summer vacation? Hope you had a blissful time wherever you were. I spent 3 weeks in Thunder Bay visiting family and had a wonderful time. The weather was spectacular and I understand it was for a lot of people this year. The blueberries were abundant, the hikes were outstanding and Lake Superior was cold [but that doesn't stop us]😱

πŸ–Œ I took some art work to finish while I was there. Working 'en plein air' is so relaxing and rewarding. I have attached two photos of what I was doing. The first layer was acrylic paint poured onto watercolour paper with a sprinkling of powdered charcoal . Then I found shapes and added colour with acrylic markers and watercolour pencils. This one is unfinished, but gives you an idea of what you could do.

With the fall season, I am organizing another round of shows and will announce them later. I am being encouraged to start doing workshops and would like your feedback on what you might like to learnπŸ”¨.

In October, I am going to the Grand Marais art colony in Minnesota for the second year. It is about 1 hour south of Thunder Bay. I will be taking a 'process painting' course that turned out to be a game changer for me.

You can access my Instagram and Facebook posts on my website ..gailwilliamsartist.com.

And lastly, PLEASE , if you know anyone who might visit the Salt Spring gallery Sept 21- Oct 20, ask them to vote for my painting.

Thanks as always

Rock on



Welcome to YOUR Creative Life....2019-6

Hello dear art lover Welcome to YOUR Creative Life MORE new productsπŸ’‘

Very exciting news😁

I am just too excited that I can't wait to share that I have been chosen for the Salt Spring National Art Prize competition. One of 49 paintings chosen from a field of almost 2000 entries. πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’ 'All Dressed Up For The Party' [30x40 acrylic and mixed media], joins this prestigious crowd of artists from across Canada. The show runs Sept 21-Oct 21 in Salt Spring Island. The image is attached. Please visit the site for more info www.saltspringartprize.ca..

One thing I have been working on is my vision book.πŸ” I believe seeing is believing. I am creating a book that is full of words and pictures focusing on what I want in my life..my art work, my health, my family, travel and financial goals. You can do a page or poster to look at and remind you of your personal desires. It is vey fun to do... a work in progress, as is life. I'd love to know if you are interested in doing this also. It is a powerful thing.πŸ–Œ

You are invited to view and purchase my art at several locations this summer. Or by email. Currently, I have 4 pieces at the beautiful gallery and frame shop XC art restoration, at 596 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Visit www.artrestoration.ca for details.

On Friday July 26 and Sat July 27, 6pm- 10pm, I am displaying my work with the fabulous Marlene Pape and Felicity Somerset at studio888.πŸ’‘ I will have more coasters and some new stickers. As well, I have some art work in the group show inside the gallery. Come on down to the Beach for the Jazzfest to enjoy lively music and original, affordable art.www.studio888.ca

Finally, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your support. I am taking vacation til the end of Aug, so there won't be any newsletters til the fall. I wish you a wonderful summer of fun and relaxation.πŸ”†



Welcome to YOUR Creative Life....2019-5

Hello dear art lover Welcome to YOUR Creative Life New Product πŸ’‘

We finally do have some heat here in Toronto and of course we are either revelling in it or complaining about it !I will be enjoying the beach here with my grandsons on some picnic days building sand castles and exploringthe ravines.πŸˆπŸ• I can remember lying on the beach at my Grandma's camp, listening to the waves of Lake Superior on a quiet day, soaking up the sun while covered in baby oil mixed with iodine. [It was a guaranteed suntan look..lol]

Do you recall what your favourite summer activities were? 🍦

Today is the last day for the Artists' Network Streetcar show. It has been a well attended exhibition and my paintinghas received lots of love , but is still looking for a new home.

The group show at gallery888 at 2359 Queen St E opens on July 24 til July 28. Once again, I will be rocking out withthe Streetfest in the evenings of July 26 and July 27 on the street in front of the gallery with some new work and with somebeautiful coasters. I have attached a photo of them. They are 4 for $35.00. They make a great hostess gift to go with that bottleof wine you take to your summer parties. πŸ’‘

πŸ–ŒHow did you do with the 'looking and seeing' I mentioned in my last newsletter? Did you have any 'aha' moments? Did you notice if your eye rested on any particular colour or shape?

Today, I suggest that you notice the shadows that are cast in these days of sunshine, either the ones your shape makesor the magical patterns created by trees and leaves. Perhaps you can even capture them with a pencil drawing or yourcamera. I would love to see what you come up with. Summer is the time to play!

Let me know if my new product is something you would like.πŸ’‘
Wishing you fun in the sun.πŸ”†



Welcome to YOUR Creative Life...2019-4

Hello dear art lover Welcome to YOUR Creative Life http://gailwilliamsartist.comπŸ–Œ

Happy Summer SolsticeπŸ”† But are we going to get some sun?! I may just have to go north to Thunder Bay for that this year. Actually I am going to Thunder Bay in August. Have to get my dose of inspiration and family. Maybe a bit of hiking and lots of laughs. And of course, sauna..I know..who gets excited about getting clean? But I do get to jump in Lake Superior at the end of it. What can I say? We Finns are a twisted lot. It's all that darkness.πŸ˜‚

If you haven't had a chance to see my painting in the Artists' Network Streetcar Exhibition, please drop by 638 Queen St E. The gallery is located behind the Dark Horse Cafe. There was a wonderful crowd for the opening and I met several of the artists. One of the conversations I enjoyed was about how artists see things some people miss.

Looking and Seeing is my Creativity TipπŸ–Œ for the week. One of the things I spend time on is reflecting on what I notice. I would encourage you to take some time to notice what draws your attention. Instead of just looking out the window, for example, pay attention to what you focus on. Or page through a magazine and stop when your eye is caught on something. If you are looking for inspiration, it is usually right at your fingertips.

In addition to having my artπŸ–Œ at the Streetcar show and my chiropractor's office..OMA Chiropractic on Queen St E, I have some work at The 6 Oceans Gallery, 962 Queen St W, Toronto. Susan is a fellow escapee from Thunder Bay and has a lovely shop full of beautiful gift wear, accessories and of course gorgeous art. I attached a file of my work that is there. It looks lovely in the store but would enhance your space even more.😈

Enjoy the longest day of the year.


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